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Mister Block Cafe - About Us
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About Us

Who is Mister Block?

At Mister Block, art and coffee come together in Miami’s most inspirational neighborhood.


To us, coffee goes deeper than the grounds in the cup – it’s an expression of creativity, connection and passion.


Whether meeting up with friends, catching up on some work or just looking to find a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of Wynwood, Mister Block is the perfect spot.


Come and enjoy incredible coffee, pastries and snacks at a place that’s out of the ordinary and where there’s always something new to discover.


Why Wynwood?

With more street art than anywhere else in the world, Wynwood has quickly become a center for style and imagination. Started by artists with deep roots in Miami, Mister Block is the celebration of creativity and innovation, whether on a canvas, on a wall or in a mug.
A sweeping feeling of inspiration is alive along the streets of Wynwood, giving the neighborhood a spirit unlike anywhere else in the world.
We’re proud to be a part of this amazing place and we’re committed to serving the best and freshest coffee and food to the community that we love.

Mister Block Cafe